Simple Chic Handbag Creation

“ Signature Bag” ~ Prototype 

So here I am with my newly crafted signature bag, a prototype that I call “Simple Chic Handbag.” “What led to this casual crafted bag. In a prior course, I had to experiment with the idea of creating a bag. To do this, I made a personal-style mood board. A mood board can be an actual board or digital version, which captures images based on a story, vision, emotions, or other themes. A creator begins with few items of inspiration to create a theme. My items of inspiration included a pair of flip-flops, a can of illy, an indoor plant, and a recyclable bag/tote. This particular bag displays an image from the mood board, in reality, a plant from my dining table. I selected the fabric because of the color and durability. 

Concept: a casual bag, Illustrated with thematic art – throw in a few items, head to the local coffee shop, park, or take a stroll in the city. 

Goal: Create a collection with a variety of themes. 


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