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Culture#  Aggregate Data # Social Media Tools Fashion Assignment

In the fall of 2019, I researched fashion blogs, discovered Wendy’s Look Book, and became inspired. She shares her personal story of being an immigrant from Vietnam as a child and other aspects of her journey. Proceeds from the blog go towards Wendy Nguyen’s foundation in the N.Y.C. area, providing emergency housing, medical, educational, and financial support to young adults impacted by the juvenile justice system. As an educator, this ignited my passion for creating a blog, and Culture F.L.A.C. was created- Fashion, Language, Art & Cuisine.

I created several media platforms to accompany my blog, which include Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. During the process, I discovered several aggregate data tools, which are essential for digital marketing. With WordPress, an author can monitor their traffic and insights. Data includes views and visitors for each calendar day of the month or year. The tools also track visitors’ origins displaying visitor country locations, an essential demographic tool for demographics. For this assignment, I’m using social media data for F.L.A.C. at its foundation stages.

WordPress blog

Audience Data: January 31st 2021

Traffic: Displays views on specific days, likes, comments, authors, clicks, countries and other search terms. 

 5 views 3 Visitors  – location  2 U.S.A, 2 Netherlands, 1 France 

Insights: Displays Information on views: average per year, month & day along with post summaries, follower totals and all time views

Most Popular day- Sunday  / Most popular time- 1:00 pm

Best Views ever- February 11, 2020

All time views – 451  

Facebook Business Suite

The Facebook business suit also provides aggregate tools that show post engagements, reactions, shares, and people reached. You also have the option of boosting posts or ads. To explore digital marketing, I experimented with the Oscar de la Renta Caftan design. I ran ads on social media platforms as an experiment with client demographics for products on the FB page and Instagram to learn about marketing demographics. I chose specific demographics based on the design of the dress.

Insights Activity/Performance for Your Post

Post Interactions

Liked by 386

add Summary NOV 28, 2020 · COMPLETED

$10.00 Spent 3,578 People Reached

Account Activity

3 saves / 2 Website Clicks

Image courtesy of Oscar de la Renta

 Culture #Fashion# Fall 2020 Caftan

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