Fashion Trends SS20

Culture Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2020

This year collections reverted to a few trends from the past- from disco collars to, hot pants, 60’s wallpaper prints and exaggerated sleeves.  I personally favor the polka dots and purchased a dress from the H&M collection. Fashion trends always seem to return but with new colors and designs. I personally enjoy all the colors for this new season from bold & bright scarlet, neutral shades of white, Saffron, Coral Pinks and dots. Did I mention the return of dots? Well the good news is that if you have items in your wardrobe from last year, then it’s safe to wear it again and add a few new items to your collection. I picked up this cute little dress at H&M a few months ago. Not only is it in season but because it offers classic neutral colors it can always be worn again with different accessories. During my travels over the winter holiday in Europe I was surprised to see the Paris/dot collection at H&M and see my dress in the showroom.

I’ve shared a few seasonal items for budget conscious shoppers. Also, don’t forget to add florals or prints to your collection this season!

H&M Display January 2020

One of my classic looks- Zara

Checkout these resources for the latest spring fashions.


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